You Nasty Girl’s Phone Sex Network

Hello my PSO friends! This is a network built for those ladies who are members of Adult Phone Pal (APP) and participate in the APP iGroups network. If you already have an account on APP then please register for each website here. If you do not have an account with APP, then you may start one at Adult Phone Pal.

Once you register with one of our blogging sites, you will be sent an activation code to your email. Once you click on this activation code then the network will send you a new password. This login is to keep up-to-date status with our blogs. Note that each account is a separate entity for each website. This is not a global login. Also, if you have more than one presence on APP then you should register with an email for each presence and login as such.

Create an image for each account with an extension printed on the picture. I personally put my extension on my picture anyway so when I submit my images to others who have the same type of sites my images are immediately seen with the extension posted. You may also put your name. Note that some of the sites do have a meme generator so do not put the information directly in the top and bottom of your picture or it will be overwritten by the meme.

Once you have created your account on the blog, send a message to the webmaster at phonesextopsites @ and remember to add which site you have created a profile on. You will then be upgraded to an author.

Our blogs have independent user databases so you will need to register for each one individually. See our list of blogs in the right side menu.

If you are not a member of APP and you want an amazing phone sex company to work for, then check out LipCash, an affiliate of APP. Once you’re signed up and you’ve been approved we will then approve your sites on our network where you can blog and add your blog banners to our Phone Sex Topsites.

This service is free to PSO’s with an igroup listing. The topsites are for the blog posts listed on our network. Please note that we will be using our affiliate TFN on the sites for calls.

If you are looking for phone sex, the check out one of our many sites on the right to find the hottie who is just right for you. You can also call 888-210-1675 and pick someone by category or even check out all of the ladies at our Phone Sex Topsites Have fun!